British Energy Security Strategy Announced

Amongst other aspects, the UK Government’s ‘BESS’ policy paper acknowledged the important role that natural gas has and will continue to have through the energy transition. Indigenous resources on the UKCS have a low carbon footprint relative to the majority of imports and can be further improved through taking decarbonisation measures.

The next step requires flexible gas-fired power stations to be converted to Power CCUS Plants, so that they may provide low carbon dispatchable electricity to support the growing renewables sector. Until renewables become fully sufficient, this will ensure that the electricity supply remains stable and secure for consumers across the UK.

Comments on the preceding press release, included:

  • Carl Ennis, CEO, Siemens GB & Ireland and Chairman, Net Zero North West: “The UK needs a mixed and dynamic energy policy to ensure secure and affordable energy and manage the transition to Net Zero…” “…there remains much to do to drive up energy efficiency and leverage the benefits of local energy systems.”
  • Chris O’Shea, CEO Centrica: “…it’s more crucial than ever that the UK has robust and secure supply chains for many things, including energy.” “This will help us reduce our dependency on foreign gas…”