CCUS Delivery Plan 2035 – CCSA

The CCS Association’s recently published ‘Delivery Plan’ considers the UK governments ambition of capturing 50mtCO2pa by 2035. Ten urgent recommendations are made for the next 12 months, to help ensure this target can be realised. Those directly for the government, included:

  • Certainty must be provided on the frequency and volume of future contract awards for further Transport and Storage and Capture projects.
  • Contract terms must be finalised for the proposed CCUS business models.
  • The next cluster selection process must be launched in H1 2022, to continue building confidence.
  • A policy framework must be legislated to enable projects to develop at pace.
  • A clear permitting regime must be developed and communicated to project developers.

A notable conclusion is that if (amongst the others) these steps are not taken, the cost to society will be greater overall, as the rising cost of emissions will not be avoided.

Further, if the ten steps are followed, the earliest expected FID date for a (CCUS Cluster Sequencing) Track-1 or Track-2 Generator (Phase 2) would be 2023 and 2024, respectively.