Industry Feedback on the UK CCS Network Code

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published Indicative Heads of Terms for a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Network Code. The intent is to generate a single code, which sets out the commercial and technical rules and arrangements between T&SCos and Users, and between individual T&SCos. The draft has been prepared following engagements between BEIS, Ofgem, T1-T&SCos and the CCSA. The intent is to have this ready to support final investment decisions (FIDs) for Track-1 T&SCos, which the CCSA’s achievable timeline (in the CCUS Delivery Plan 2035) indicates could be as early as Q4 2022. Industry feedback has now been requested on the draft, as well as to help develop further technical areas workstreams. Specifically, technical specifications, metering, data acquisition and storage and procedures (industry).

In brief, the code aims to set out rules and arrangements for the following:

  • the connection by Users to a transport and storage network (“T&S Network”), or part of a T&S Network;
  • the delivery of carbon dioxide by Users into the T&S Network at a delivery point;
  • the transportation and storage of carbon dioxide delivered by Users at delivery points;
  • the operation and maintenance of each T&S Network; and
  • the interface between T&SCos in relation to different T&S Networks or parts of a T&S Network.