RMRI is an independent consultancy offering risk management services over a broad range of sectors for over 25 years.

In the intricate landscape of decision-making, the recognition and management of risks play a pivotal role, particularly within the energy sector, encompassing both conventional operations and the dynamic energy transition. Failing to grasp the intricacies of risk can hamper the efficient allocation of resources and capital across diverse domains, significantly heightening the likelihood of unwelcome and unforeseen outcomes. Conversely, though, a comprehensive understanding of risks empowers stakeholders to enhance the anticipated returns on capital investments in large-scale energy projects, ensuring that resources are channelled with greater confidence and efficacy.

At RMRI, we acknowledge that risk is inherent in every facet of the energy sector, from project inception to day-to-day operations and the transformative journey toward sustainable energy solutions which is the energy transition. We believe that elevating the understanding of risks across all facets of energy-related businesses must remain a priority. This is achieved through a methodical process of risk identification, evaluation and assessment, which, in turn, facilitates the formulation of tailored strategies for risk reduction, mitigation and control, thereby enabling a smoother transition towards sustainable energy practices. Central to RMRI’s own services is the delivery of high-quality services underpinned by a rigorous commitment to traceability and verification. We specialise in providing cost-effective and timely solutions, enabling our clients to not only navigate risks effectively but also capitalise on newfound opportunities.

In today’s energy landscape, characterised by stringent safety and regulatory standards, RMRI’s methods, processes, and techniques enable clients to make informed, risk-based decisions throughout the entire lifespan of their assets, projects and operations. Our comprehensive suite of offerings encompasses asset, project and organizational risk management services, safety engineering and advanced decision-making support. These consulting services are complemented by cutting-edge software tools, tailor-made training courses and innovative approaches designed to enhance overall performance.

RMRI’s clients are from the global energy sector, both offshore and onshore, to whom we provide a wide spectrum of services ranging from regulatory assessments to operational excellence, technology evaluations, suitability and economic assessments, modelling and specialized advisory services. Our deep experience of the energy sector ensures we can offer pertinent consulting services in the context of the ongoing energy transition. Our commitment to quality and innovation is underscored by our extensive and prestigious client list, a testament to the effectiveness of our solutions.

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