RMRI is an independent consultancy offering risk management services over a broad range of sectors for over 25 years.

In complex decisions, understanding risks is an important and vital component which if ignored, reduces the chances of deploying resources, capital of various types, in the most effective manner and increases the chances of unwanted or unforeseen outcomes.

At RMRI, we know that risk is inherent in every project, operation or activity. Our mission is to improve the understanding of the risks present in all aspects of business by careful identification, evaluation and assessment in order to devise the most appropriate ways to reduce, mitigate and control risks thus enabling mitigation. We focus on delivering high quality services where traceability and verification are paramount; we provide specialist, cost-effective and timely solutions which enable our clients to manage their risks and maximise their opportunities.

As a result, our services meet the requirements of the strict safety and regulatory regimes in which we frequently operate. Our methods, process and techniques enable clients to make intelligent risk based decisions throughout the life of an asset, project or operation.

We offer a comprehensive range of asset, project and organisational risk management services, safety engineering and complex decision making support. Our consulting services are complemented by advanced software tools and training courses that enhance the impact on performance.

RMRI operates extensively throughout the international energy sector, offshore and onshore, offering a broad range of services from regulatory assessments through operations, technology evaluations, suitability and economic assessments, modelling and specialist advice. As evident from our extensive and prestigious client list, we are recognised for the high quality of our services and the solutions we provide; we look forward to helping you to achieve your goals.

For further information about RMRI or how we can help you manage your risks, please contact us.