About us


We manage risk and undertake complex decision analysis on your behalf. We work with you to provide strategic clarity and maximise Energy Transition opportunities.


We have been managing risk and maximising opportunities for three decades, working closely and in partnership with our clients on projects around the globe.

Energy transition is set to dominate the global agenda for at least another three decades. Our expertise can guide and support your decision making process, to deliver lasting, positive change.

From concept through to implementation, we also manage project planning, design and engineering, negotiations, execution and operation.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Risk Based and Complex Decision Making
  • Energy Transition Policy and Support
  • Power Generation and Transmission
  • Energy Storage
  • Carbon Capture
  • Carbon Transport and Storage
  • Suitability Assessment
  • Financing.

Dominic Minty
Managing Director

Alison Pegram
Managing Principal Consultant

Damian Minty
Managing Principal Consultant

Paul Dinham
Managing Principal Consultant

Dermot Grimson
Senior Principal Consultant

Nils Cohrs
Senior Principal Consultant

Peter Coward
Senior Principal Consultant

Kevin Morrin
Senior Principal Consultant

Fred Meth
Senior Principal Consultant

Peter-Giles Robinson
Principal Consultant

Caroline Tsvigu
Principal Consultant

Alberto Vitali
Principal Consultant

Lorna Hayward
Office Manager

For further information about RMRI or how we can help you manage your risks, please contact us.