Combined Operations Notifications

Combined operations must be carefully planned to ensure safe working conditions are maintained. We have a proven track record in helping clients develop the necessary notifications required and successfully negotiating HSE approval.

The notification demonstrates that plans for any combined operations include appropriate consideration  of the procedural and operational measures required to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained in all areas of the combined installation.

As an independent party with significant experience we facilitate workshops to gather the information required to complete the notification and supporting documents.

We work with all parties involved in structured discussions to ensure that:

  • due consideration is given to practical aspects of the combined operations including physical interfaces and coordination between the safety and environmental management systems (SEMS) required to ensure safe working conditions for all personnel;
  • all reasonably foreseeable events that could occur due to or during combined operations which could affect the integrity of the installation or the levels of risk defined within their Safety Cases, have been identified and appropriately considered; and
  • appropriate controls are in place to reduce risks by restricting, where necessary, those operations that can be conducted simultaneously.

To ensure that all HSE issues are appropriately accounted for during the planning and implementation of the combined operations, we also produce:

  • SEMS interface documentation;
  • emergency response manuals for the combined operations; and
  • hazard and risk analysis reports.

Further to the notification itself we can also assist you to:

  • facilitate a final workshop prior to the arrival of the rig, to ensure that all HSE issues identified during the planning process, particularly those relating to interfaces, have been addressed prior to commencement of the combined operations;
  • update the installation QRA to ensure that it reflects the status of operations after completion of the combined operations; and
  • update the installation Safety Case to reflect the situation after completion of the combined operations

“This report is very good indeed – well done!” Senior Safety & Risk Engineer, BHP Billiton

For further information and help with your combined operations notifications, please contact us.