For over 20 years we have helped clients successfully manage projects in uncertain environments; often the financial, environmental and human cost of failure can be catastrophic.

With our expertise and analysis we give our partners confidence in their decision-making, design and delivery.

One of the most immediate challenges for the oil and gas sector is to find an appropriate technology to enable the development of offshore fields which would be sub-economic using conventional methods.  

Marginal Field Development Company (MFDevCo) uses pioneering re-deployable solutions to reduce the costs and unlock this potential.  Along with its partners within the Marginal Field Delivery Consortium, MFDevCo is focused on transforming marginal fields into viable, profitable assets.

RMRI specialists have helped MFDevCo to develop and demonstrate their solution for marginal field development by providing fundamental support including:

  • Feasibility studies for technology application
  • Technical and economic assessments of buoyant solutions for potential field developments
  • Safety risk assessment of buoy designs and concepts
  • Field Development Studies

We continue to pursue innovative solutions to the most challenging problems, enabling our clients and partners to manage their risks and maximise their opportunities. When you have a problem that requires technology, research or analysis, we can help you to develop the right solution.

For further information please contact us or please visit MFDevCo for further information about their solutions.