e-Safety Case

e-Safety Case enables users to access and interrogate key information from an asset’s Safety Case in a convenient and understandable format.

The key to ensuring safe operations is not only to prepare regulatory documents such as a Safety Case but also to ensure that the results of these studies are communicated, understood and applied by all personnel.

e-Safety Case presents key information from an asset’s Safety Case in a web-based environment enabling staff to access, interrogate and understand this critical information regardless of location. By improving access to this crucial information e-Safety Case is a vital tool in increasing awareness and application of Safety Case data.

Benefits of e-Safety Case include:

  • improved access to information relating to all aspects of safety and safety management by locating in one place
  • QRA inputs and outputs overlaid on platform layout schematics help to raise awareness of identified risks;
  • provision of detailed QRA data for each area of a facility in a user-friendly format;
  • improved communication of QRA data, QRA risk results and safety issues;
  • maintenance of a through-life record of QRA data for auditing purposes;
  • easy to use reference tool for reviewing information on major hazards when planning work on plant;
  • forms an ideal basis for toolbox talks and risk assessments, decision-making, auditing, inductions, hazard awareness training and much more; and
  • information on an asset’s Safety Management System and an interactive emergency response planning functionality can be included for a complete, easy to use HSE repository and communication tool.

To find out how e-Safety Case can improve the understanding and practical application of safety case information within your operations, please contact us.

QRA results screen
Hazard management represented in Bow-Tie form