TestOpt enables the optimal and most cost efficient scheduling of safety systems testing.

Periodic testing of safety critical systems is necessary to demonstrate that systems will operate successfully in emergency situations. Testing can be expensive due to the resource costs and impact of business interruption.

Using cost benefit analysis TestOpt identifies to a high level of confidence a test interval beyond which the cost of increasing the test frequency would be disproportionate to the risk reduction achieved. If tests are carried out at the proposed interval, risks will remain As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

Benefits of TestOpt include:

  • significant cost savings due to the decreased frequency of testing of safety critical systems;
  • efficient implementation of the test interval optimisation methodology;
  • indicates whether an increased test interval is justified using ALARP measures by comparing frequency of test intervals against observed failures of a specific asset, and
  • enables users to analyse and interrogate test data.

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TestOpt home screen
TestOpt results screen and recommendations