Bespoke programmes

One of the challenges in any industry is to attract and retain staff with the right skills set, technical knowledge and experience. Companies that combine cutting edge services and infrastructure with the best talent available will be the ones who succeed.

Professional development programmes reduce the need to recruit skills at increasing expense from outside your firm and is a major component in attracting, retaining and motivating employees.  Providing employees with a broad awareness of a business and their position within the organisation, in addition to the specific details of their jobs, will result in far greater sense of direction and ability to succeed.

For small firms without training capacity, this knowledge is often developed in an ad-hoc, ‘on the job’ fashion.  This leads to a lack of consistency, piecemeal learning and frequently to misunderstanding.  In severe cases, even quite mature teams still do not understand how they fit into the broader business processes and how they impact other groups.

At RMRI we have built our success on attracting the best talent and the consistency achieved by developing and retaining our team of experts.

Using tried and tested methods we work in partnership with clients to understand their business and identify the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed within their teams. Using this information we create bespoke training programmes which develop detailed functional knowledge, an understanding of the company and how individuals fit in. These company specific solutions deliver a tangible impact on performance and become a long term asset to your organisation.

For further information on how we can create effective training programmes for your organisation, please contact Simon Bygrave via email at [email protected] or by phone on +44 (0)161 817 7182.